Kent's Climate Tour

My solo bike tour exploring climate change solutions


Why a bike tour?

I want the manner of this project to be consistent with its mission. I also want to highlight the role that bicycle transportation can play as a solution.  Cycling isn’t a silver bullet, but when we consider the outsized impact that automobiles have on our environment and our communities, bicycles remain a dramatically underdeveloped and much-needed solution. Part of my outreach along this tour will be to survey what is working in other communities to help us broaden participation in cycling locally.

This is going to be a different sort of “charity ride”.  I am doing it solo and self-contained with no support crew and a flexible itinerary.  Any funds raised (from you, by the way!) will go entirely and directly to organizations working on this cause.  I will pay for all of my travel expenses.  You can keep abreast of my tour by “following” my blog (activate this on the right, under the banner) and see my progress in map form with photos at Track My Tour (menu button above).

How you can help

One very meaningful way is to send some financial support to either of the two organizations I am supporting (the work they are doing is described on the page Groups I Support).  Please use the links contained there or in the Donate menu so we can track donations attributable to this project.  I  have set a goal of raising $5000.

I also need leads and ideas that can enhance the purpose of the tour.  If you know of projects, people or places that might further this endeavor or folks who might be willing to host me for a night, please let me know.


I am Kent Strumpell, 67 years old, I live in Los Angeles and am a life-long supporter of protecting the environment.  A cyclist most of my adult life, I currently serve on City of LA’s Bicycle Advisory Committee.  From 2000-2010 I was on the LA County Bicycle Coalition’s board of directors.  Earlier in my life I had a small business producing educational and documentary videos.  I am now semi-retired, taking care of some family properties and doing community work, mostly bicycle advocacy.


310-527-1618 mobile / text


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