Kent's Climate Tour

My solo bike tour exploring climate change solutions

On my way


Departed Friday as planned, heading south along the beach bike path bound for Long Beach.  The oil tankers feeding Chevron’s El Segundo refinery and oil trains in Carson reminded me of why I’m doing this. 

I crossed over the Alemada Corridor rail facility on my way to the LA river.  This is actually one of the first solutions I spotted.  Rail is a much more efficient way to move goods than trucks (which I call the single-occupant vehicles of the freight industry).   More freight rail please!

  LA river concrete corridor at Del Amo Blvd.

Along the LA River bike path, a little farther south, a healthier approximation of what the river used to look like.  Projects like this are part of the solution, offering multiple benefits: habitat, filtration, ground water recharge, beauty, etc.  
Heading south from Long Beach took me along that city’s lively 2nd Street district with its innovative “green carpet” shared lanes that give motorists a clear signal to expect cyclists.  Vibrant local commercial districts with Complete Streets are surely part of the solution, offering locals easy access to a rich variety of  shopping, entertainment, etc. to meet their daily needs with little or no driving.   



2 thoughts on “On my way

  1. Feel like I’m riding with you, Kent!


  2. Nice start to your tour. I look forward to following along. I like that your blog design shows the full size photos when I click on each photo.


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