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Gyre: the plastic ocean

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  While I was back in LA I visited the Gyre exhibit at USC’s Fisher Gallery.  All the pieces were either constructed from plastic debris out of various oceans or inspired by this growing calamity.  While not a direct contributor to climate change, the scale and impact of this phenomenon is another striking example of how human activity is profoundly altering our world.  A lot of the objects were retrieved from beaches in Alaska, inspiring this piece below.


According to the docent explaining the exhibits, all of the debris seen in the above photograph was found in the belly of a shore bird.  They think it is food. 


The exhibit runs through Nov. 21.


One thought on “Gyre: the plastic ocean

  1. Whenever I am rowing mt boat in the Marina or Santa Monica Bay I male it a point to pick up whatever plastic trash I come upon; usually 4 t0 5 pieces every 3 hour trip.


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