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Beauty, wealth and camping

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Monday I departed Costa Mesa.  As much as cars are a major problem, they also give a glimpse into local values.  Big tall pickup trucks are prevalent across SoCal, but I hope this example on a Harbor Blvd. car lot is a signal that we’ve reached the nadir of ridiculous excess:  

 And with beauty like this…  

..comes wealth indicators like this row of Bentleys.  I’ve never seen so many.  

But even tony Laguna is confronting our changing reality.  A 50% reduction is pretty ambitious: 

This was good to see: 


Dana Point Harbor came into view.  There’s a campground down there somewhere where I spent the night.  A friend tells me that many years ago they used to throw tanned hides down the cliff to cargo boats waiting in the harbor.  
 Fellow bike tourers joined me at the campground.  Jay has been surfing and camping his way down from San Francisco.  Roberta was on day 77 of her tour from Canada.   

Home for the night:



One thought on “Beauty, wealth and camping

  1. Great pictures for a great cause! Keep them coming please.


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