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Waypoint San Onofre

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Below, the nuclear plant Edison gave up on when they saw the price tag for fixing some faulty tubes they’d just replaced.  I must admit to being conflicted about shutting down a carbon free energy souce (sort of) when the need is so urgent.  Some people I have a lot of respect for (Stewart Brand) think we gotta’ go with with nuclear.  Others (Amory Lovins) are convinced its just not needed if we make a concerted transition to alternative fuels and energy conservation.   One thing is clear from the example behind me, it’s a lot more expensive than it was supposed to be.  
Heading to Fallbrook for my next home stay with old friends Chris and Kathy Pritchard, I turn east up the San Luis Rey river trail.  

I come upon Scott in his E-Wheel out for some fresh air.  He has MS so walking isn’t an option.  But this little electric trike gets him to the store and around town, up to 45 miles on a charge.  It gives him a quality of mobility even his car can’t match.  We agreed that many folks with limited mobility could be taking advantage of devices like this.

There’s still a good deal of agriculture in the Fallbrook area (avocados, tomatoes, citrus, strawberries).  That’s good; local food production is a solution we need to see much more of.



One thought on “Waypoint San Onofre

  1. This is kinda fun, following your blog. I do like seeing what you’re up to.
    Bike wildly!



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